Tracey Sofra Wins Financial Planner of the Year

Tracey Sofra was announced as the Financial Planner of the year in the 2017 Women in Financial Services Award. This award looks to recognise an outstanding female professional working in financial planning.

The Women in Financial Services awards aim to recognise and reward women who have shown commitment to the financial services industry through leadership, innovation, and advocacy in the fields they are passionate about. The awards acknowledge those women who have embodied the generational change and increased professionalism that the industry continues to pursue.

Tracey was also a finalist in the Industry Advocacy Award 2017. This award recognises women who have worked tirelessly on improving the image of the financial services industry in the eyes of the public.

Tracey also was awarded the AFA Female Excellence in Advice award for 2017. Established in 2011, the award recognises women in financial advice who are making a significant contribution to their profession, their community, and their clients. The Award, partnered with TAL, promotes positive change in the financial advice sector, encouraging more women to enter the industry and take leadership roles.  Importantly, it aims to give choice to Australians when it comes to choosing a financial adviser. We believe an industry with more female financial advisers and a better representation of women in senior roles can begin to address the challenges of Australian women when it comes to being adequately resourced for retirement, obtaining insurance and having access to quality advice.

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