Asset Protection


Reliable and Tax Effective Asset Protection Strategies

It can take a lifetime to accumulate your wealth but if your assets are not properly protected , it all could be lost in a moment. The fact is, Australia is one of the most litigious states in the world. So there is no surprise that protecting assets against creditors and predators is becoming the most common concern amongst business owners.

Sometimes you may be far removed from the main cause of the contentious liability but somehow end up in the litigation. To avoid significant losses, it is important to have reliable and effective asset protection strategies so you can continue to grow your wealth and achieve your financial objectives.

Without a properly planned and adequate asset protection plan or well thought out asset protection strategy you leave yourself exposed to the risk of losing it all.

At our complementary meeting, we are able to meet with you to determine if your assets are adequately protected. With over 100 years of combined experience in advising clients, Sofra partners are the leading asset protection specialists, with advanced tax effective asset protection strategies and systems designed to preserve your wealth from generation to generation. Talk to us about your asset protection concerns.