Making It


Income Plan

This is where we devise strategies designed to improve your cash flow stretcher dollars further to tax effective strategies and efficient use of your income. Resulting surplus funds are then used to create wealth.

During our meeting we will discuss confirm your goals and we will address issues you have identified as important to you. We will also consider how different strategies might work for you to create additional income.

Once we have identified and agreed to strategies you are comfortable with, we document the strategy and determine the structures, products and policies required to implement the strategy.

We also work with other professionals within our network to help you plan and achieve those objectives.


Tax Planning

Making more money and paying less tax is somewhat of an oxymoron. Let’s face it, no one be grudges pay more tax then the fair share. Paying more than your fair share is a different story.

Through our many years of experience understanding the complex legislation, we are able to apply our logic and knowledge in devising a legitimate taxation plan which can substantially reduce the amount of tax that you pay. Through our proactive and timely tax planning sessions (usually March April each year) we have saved many business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

You have a legitimate right in minimising the amount of tax that you pay each year. Why pay more tax than you have to, especially as history shows that our politicians are not usually good managers of money.


Profit Growth

There are good reasons for Sofra Partners at different stages of your company’s growth. From a business plan to company formation, loan application, to introducing a business partner, we can assist to make life easier for you at each step.

We can meet with you on a regular monthly basis to not only help you determine your business potential but also help you be the best you can be as a business owner.

Like all small business owners who are looking to save money, you may think you can’t afford an accountant as a mentor.

Every champion needs a coach. We will help you understand your business potential and challenge you to help maximise your business profit and growth.

We can also take care of time-consuming tasks like taxes, it’s quite likely they will cost less per hour than you would pay yourself. You’ll not only have extra time to free you up to generate revenue, but you’ll have peace of mind that an expert is taking care of the details.


Cashflow Management

More profit does not always mean more cash flow. 80% of new businesses fail within five years usually because they run out of cash flow. Cash flow management is without doubt the most crucial area of your business. You wouldn’t go out on the town without checking your wallet. Yet most business owners have no idea on what the cash flow needs will be for the next week or month.

We will be able to meet with you and assess your business cash flow needs (for both the short-term and long-term). This will help you make crucial decisions for your business, such as approaching financiers in advance when the business hits those tight cash flow months.

We will teach you how to plan your cash flow so that you could “pay yourself first” (an important and exciting business methodology).

Best of all your cash flows can be loaded on live software so you can see exactly how you are travelling and manage those tight months with ease. You probably didn’t go into business to be a money expert, but we did. At Sofra Partners we understand money.