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Investment Plan

Your investment plan explores different options you have for investing your surplus funds. The benefits of these options will change as market conditions and other variables fluctuate. We will help you determine the risks and rewards of various appropriate strategies to enable you to make informed investment choices.

For more than 25 years, Sofra Partners has developed a wealth for life approach as a result of our partners’ passion for property investing and business enterprise.

Our property specific and business specific investment structures are designed with advanced features that caters specifically for property investors and business entrepreneurs who want to grow and protect their wealth.

Investment plan

We’ve made significant investments in research and product development to provide property investors and business owners unique advantages through our advanced trusts and structures.

At Sofra Partners, we focus on improving four key areas – for property investors and business owners – that other comparable investment structures, don’t adequately cover:

  • Asset protection for better risk management.
  • Flexibility for improved cash flows, income / loss distributions and optimised Tax Planning.
  • Longevity for preservation and transfer of wealth from generation to generation.
  • Control for more effective wealth creation strategies.


With the increasing lack of government support to assist people in retirement, having a realistic assessment of your long-term superannuation goals and retirement income requirements is now more important than ever.

Rather than thinking of superannuation as something you need in retirement, we like to educate business owners that this is a necessary reward for effort.

Our depth of knowledge of both regulatory and wealth management issues enables us to provide you with practical advice on the most effective superannuation strategies to assist with your overall financial plan.

We have extensive experience in the superannuation industry, working with trustees, members and employers.  Our experience covers, self-managed funds, administration, employer obligations, member retirement planning and estate planning.

We have the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to support you with self-managed superannuation funds in each of the accumulation, retirement and estate planning phases.

We can assist with the design, establishment and strategies required to run an effective fund.

We also have the skills and experience necessary to audit the financial position and operation of self-managed superannuation funds.


It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep and what you do with it that counts.

We are so passionate about educating about the importance of investing a percentage of your hard earned dollars into quality blue chip property investments.

Using the proven property investment strategies, we can educate you on how you can benefit from utilising residential property. Through proven easy to understand steps, you will learn how to implement simple strategies to help you retire financially free.

We have the tools and resources available to help you identify and capitalise on the best opportunities available throughout Australia.

Investment property strategy

This is ideal for those who already own property, and are looking to maximise wealth in a secure, strategic manner.

As part of our commitment to keeping you informed about the latest wealth creation opportunities, you will be invited to regular free seminars and free webinars, as well is an opportunity to join our property club and have access to over 5000 properties around Australia.

At Sofra Partners, we love Property.

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