Leverage It

Debt Plan

Your debt plan looks at the ways to improve your current debt structure, explores mortgage reduction strategies and determines possible ways that debt can be used for building your wealth.


We help educate you as to the importance of using leverage to your advantage in creating wealth and in particular get you to understand the difference between good debt and bad debt in achieving your goals.


We also teach you the importance of thinking like a bank manager, looking at your serviceability, collateral and finance history prior to approaching the bank manager for a loan put you in a distinct advantage as far as getting the right result.



We offer full mortgage brokering services. Our wide network of financial institutions, provide competitive finance rates. And given that we are not tied to any one lender we can shop your deal around to find a super completive rate.


What better way to pay you loans off faster.


We cater for simple and complex requirements for individuals and business owners’, including:

  • Owner occupier home loans for first home buyers.
  • Loans for property investors.
  • Finance for Trusts and Investment Structures, including Self-Managed Superannuation Funds.
  • Business loans for Commercial Real Estate.
  • Finance for Property Renovators & Developers.
  • Vehicle & Equipment Finance – Chattel Mortgage Leasing.
  • Re-financing for a better deal, lower interest rate loans or more flexible re-payments.

With the passage of time everything changes. The income of last year doesn’t quite stretch to cover the expenses of this one; rising interest rates and legislative changes serve to alter your circumstances and, to a greater or lesser degree necessitate a new look at how your finances are structured and your assets protected.


For this reason, we offer the following consultation services.


Financial Health Check

As part of our assessment we consider your current finance arrangements and can provide specific advice in relation to your current situation or future plans for personal, business and investing reasons.


We will work closely with you to gain an in-depth understanding of exactly how your finances are structured.


The session will:

  •  Identify where, from a financial aspect, you are today.
  • Identify any problems with your current investing and/or structures.
  • Provide solutions for any problems.
  • Enable you to create a detailed plan of action for future wealth creation, tax minimisation and asset maximisation.

Positive Gearing

Not all assets are assets. We help people understand that to create wealth you need to invest in appreciating cash flow assets (and reduce your spending on depreciating assets – or toys).


In appreciating cash flow asset that is positively allows you to leverage your investments to a greater level (as these type of investments put money in your pocket each week).


Most people seek negative with the view of obtaining some form of tax advantage (the term negative gearing means an investment asset incurs expenses in the income it generates).


We however seek to educate of the importance of finding positively geared investments (that is where the investment income is greater than the related expense), this way the lifestyle is not dramatically affected by the investment and you are able to seek other similar investments without too much financial stress.


Through our education and tools and resources we are able to identify many wealth creation opportunities in the property sector. We have proven strategies that has made our clients much wealth over the past 20 years. Why do it alone and risk your hard earned capital, when we have the expertise to show you how these simple steps can put you on the road to financial freedom.