Business Health Check

Identifying areas in your business that may need improving

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need develop your business to meet “Best Practice“, which means making improvements where possible.

The starting point for improving your business is an assessment of the current situation. This will help you to identify gaps and develop your business in order to meet qualifying criteria when tendering for contracts.

Take a business health check

A business health check is a short, focused and critical review of your current business performance. It can help you to identify strengths and weaknesses in areas such as policies and procedures or financial performance.

We have a set of guides which can help you with assessing current performance in your business.

Use the Business Diagnostic online tool to assess your business performance.

The best ideas to improve your business may already be within reach. For example, your staff and customers may have a unique view on how to make positive changes to your business. For guidance on how best to gather, share and exploit knowledge in your business, it is important to first improve knowledge management to a growing business. Contact us today to take a complementary business health check.

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Reviewing your business expenses and other areas affecting your profitability

Once your business is established and running well, you may be inclined to let things continue to run as they are. However, it’s actually time to plan again.


Protecting Your Business, Employees & Customers

Running a business is a challenge, and it often involves putting your own finances at risk. It makes sense to manage risk, reduce uncertainty and protect your livelihood.


Identify areas where you can legally minimise tax payable

Taxes are unavoidable, but you can minimise the impact they have on your bottom line. There are many legitimate ways to reduce the amount of tax you pay.


Identify areas within your where profitability can be improved.

It’s easy to focus only on the day-to-day running of your business, especially in the early stages. But once you’re up and running, it can pay dividends to think about longer-term and more strategic planning.