Building Wealth

Achieving lasting wealth is an art; it's about crafting a strategy that grows with you, adjusting to life's ebbs and flows. At Sofra Partners, we have the palette of services to paint your prosperous future. Our expertise in Wealth Planning charts out a meticulous roadmap for your financial journey, adapting to both your short-term aspirations and long-term dreams. Dive into the lucrative world of Property Investment with our guidance, ensuring each venture multiplies your assets. Navigate the complex seas of Finance with our tailored solutions, ensuring liquidity and growth at every turn. And as you think of a secure retirement, our specialists in Superannuation & SMSF work relentlessly to maximize your post-retirement gains, keeping you in control of your funds.

Partner with us, and let’s sculpt your financial future.


Wealth Planning

From the early years when borrowings are high and savings must be carefully planned, through the accumulation years when debt levels reduce and savings capacity increases and finally into the retirement years when careful planning from the previous phases bears the fruit of financial security.


Property Investing

Coming soon.



We offer full mortgage brokering services. Our wide network of financial institutions, provide competitive finance rates. And given that we are not tied to any one lender we can shop your deal around to find a super completive rate.


Superannuation & SMSF

Sofra Partners provides expert advice, assistance and ongoing support to businesses, families and individuals who are looking to setup Self Managed Super Funds. Our clients often report that having greater control over their retirement savings has led to a deeper understanding of how their overall wealth is tracking, and given them more confidence in their investment and lifestyle decisions.

Anyone can prepare a tax return, we provide tax advise that could reduce your tax bill by 75%

If we can legitimately reduce your tax by half or more, would you be prepared to pay $20K?