Wealth Creation Financial Planning

We see Financial Planning as a journey

From the early years when income is low and needs are high to accumulation years when debts are gone and savings become substantial - it pays to have a solid plan to reach financial freedom.

At Sofra Partners, we see wealth creation as a journey through each stage of life. Our wealth creation specialists take time to understand the specific situation of every client in order to provide a sustainable wealth creation strategy. After all, the present is just as important as the future.

Trust your financial success with a team that applies a holistic approach in wealth management. Create wealth with a deep understanding of investment strategies such as property investments, compounding interest rates, money markets, insurance and of course minimizing risks through diversification.

The goal is for clients to live their best life enjoying the present while looking forward to a worry-free future.

Prioritize Wealth Creation Over Savings

Having funds in the bank does not equate to wealth.

Inflation is like a thief in the night, slowly depleting self managed funds and risking what you have worked hard for.

With expert wealth creation planning, there are strategies to create wealth through every stage of life - even when savings are low.

Wealth Creation Strategies with Sound Advice

They key to reaching financial goals is finding an ally, like Sofra Partners, who can give knowledgable inputs on wealth creation strategies that match the needs of an individual, a business, or a family.

Their financial planners continuously deal with evolving money market and property trends to help clients achieve what is deemed impossible.

For example, home equity can be utilized for funds that are put into later use; current debt arrangements can be assessed and restructured to benefit the borrower; Idle property can be appraised for use of investing, and so on...

Wealth Creation Strategy Minimizes Risk

Investment experts understand the need for balancing unpredictable misfortunes with aggressive investment opportunities for better chances of success.

A good investment strategy is ready for life's unexpected twists and turns. With expertise in taxation laws, regulatory requirements and up to date offerings in the money market, clients get sound advice. They are equipped with knowledge to stretch income in a way that a portion can be put into wealth accumulation.

Creating Wealth Has Never Been So Crucial

With increasing costs of college education, aged care and living expenses - wealth planning is the only way to face the years ahead with confidence.

Trust a knowledgeable team of investor who can navigate through evolving markets and taxation requirements to ensure that your wealth creation journey is built on strong foundation.

Maximize Tax Benefits

"Knowing is half the battle" when it comes to tax compliances.

Sofra Partners has deep knowledge of taxation laws to ensure that your finances are structured in a tax efficient manner.

Self managed Super Fund

Make the most of your superannuation fund by seeking professional advice on how to manage it from your end.

Sofra Partners can help map out a strategy to take control of investment options using your super funds. This way, you get control over your wealth creation with sound advice from experts.

Our team can develop an investment strategy with both high interest yields and efficient tax benefits.

Our Process is a Team Effort

Our Process is a Team Effort

The process involves an in-depth discussion on the individual's situation, needs and goals. Our financial planners will carefully gather information to understand the income, property, insurance, superannuation and other investing tools to work with. They will also factor in the family needs, debt and liabilities.

It is only with a complete understanding of pertinent facts and goals that we are able to present a wealth creation strategy that is tailored to one's needs, goals and risk appetite.

Be ready for personal meetings with our financial planners so we can start creating wealth together.

Our process begins and ends with YOU.

  • Initial Meeting : introduction and easy discussions goals and aspirations
  • Information Gathering: detailed questions to cover pre tax salary , income, property, superannuation, investing efforts and risk tolerance
  • Preparation of a Financial Plan (Statement of Advice): consider investment strategies that fit the goals and capacities of the client.
  • Present the Financial Plan : present management approach to financial planning based on the information gathered.
  • Implementation: Enforce the investment options specified the wealth creation strategy and look forward to financial freedom

Your wealth creation journey does not end here. Clients are in complete control of their investments as they receive regular updates as well as periodic performance reviews of investments.

When personal circumstances change and there is a need for contingencies, our financial planners will be available to assist in reviewing investments and advice if there is income to be generated. For instance, a property can be liquidated or amortized to bridge the gap in finances or perhaps withdraw from a fruitful dividend yield. A wealth creation plan in force is like having insurance for life's surprises.

Income Protection

Before accumulating wealth, it is vital to secure a steady income flow to provide for daily needs. The goal of income protection is to assure that an individual and family survives in the event that the main source of income unexpectedly stops.

Financial planning covers both the present and financial goals for beyond the period of a person's capacity to earn. It is essential to consider individual needs and goals in giving professional advice on wealth creation financial planning.

Wealth Accumulation

Wealth Accumulation

Wealth creation is all about building financial security now so you can focus on enjoying your lifestyle in the future. Choosing where and how to invest your money is a difficult decision. It will depend on many factors including your overall investment objectives, approach to investment risk and the amount of time you have to invest.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is one of the most important financial considerations to make. A critical action is computing an amount to put into your superannuation to make sure it is sufficient for comfortable arrangements later on in life.

It is also wise to prepare other sources of income - such as property investment, for example - to serve as a contingency fund in case your superannuation does not cover all your needs.

In other words, plan for ways to have more than one income source to depend on aside from your superannuation. It is during accumulation years that most people are able to prepare for a good life in the sunset years.

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If you have not started a wealth creation financial plan, there is no time to waste. You are losing the opportunity to earn from compounding interests as the seconds pass without an investment plan.

Begin the process of wealth creation financial planning now. We look forward to working with you throughout life's journey.

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